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Announcing Our New Brand Site

Johnny Rocket Creative - Interactive Studio in Centerville Ohio launches their new branding with a new website.

Did you catch that? No, it's not a typo. We’re launching our new branding, which includes our new site. We soft-launched several weeks ago, but if you have been following us on twitter you might have seen sneak peeks. Now, it's time to make it official.

The Logo

Here at Johnny Rocket Creative we absolutely love everything that involves space and space travel. Whether its sci-fi, straight from NASA, private industry, or even black budget, we are obsessed with space. The innovation and technological advancements that are made every day inspire is to push the boundaries of the web. So, naturally our brand reflects our love and passion for, and inspiration from the space industry. We also wanted to explore the idea of a responsive logo. We're challenging the idea of a traditionally strict logo. It was important to us that our brand mark be flexible just like our new site. We change the orientation of our logo depending upon the context. We think it’s pretty cool, and we hope it'll catch on.

Our Site

As mentioned above, our new website is responsive. Basically, that means that no matter what device you're using (desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet, phone, etc.), you a great experience custom-tailored to that device. We've completely scrapped our old site structure and thought about the needs of you, the user. We've done our best to provide a great platform to introduce ourselves, show off our work, spread our thoughts, and sell neat stuff that we create.

ExpressionEngine® Integration

Over the past 2 years, we've fallen in love with ExpressionEngine®, and we decided to use it as the content management system for our entire site, not just the blog. If you're not familiar with EE, you should really check them out. It's one of the best content management systems we've come across in a long time. Using EE gives us the flexibility to easily push new content throughout our site. It's a winner in our opinion, and often the top choice when we build sites.


We've been working really hard to release our new site, and we'll continue to modify it and make improvements over the next few weeks. We hope you love it, and we'd love to hear what you think!


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