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Isn’t It Wrong To Steal?

I have to say, I'm pretty sure it's wrong to steal. No, I'm not going to talk about illegal file sharing, I'm going to talk about people's hard work; basically, laziness. So, let's get to it.

What's got our britches in a knot?

We're huge fans of Apple and the products they put out. Most everything they do is high quality. That's probably why so many people admire them. In addition, anyone who know's Apple is aware of their gorgeous product shots. They're absolutely incredible. You can really tell they put a lot of time and energy into making their product shots stand out.

Now here's our problem. We've seen designer after designer pull images from Apple's website, Photoshop their work on the screen of their magnificent machine, and post use it as 'their design'. It's wrong. Isn't it? Sure, it's a nice pat on the back for Apple, but that doesn't mean they want people ripping off their work and tainting it.

"Hypocrite!" you cry. "Look at your own homepage," Ah, but there's a very, VERY distinct difference. That's not a photo of an Apple computer. It sure was inspired and modeled to insinuate a particular brand, but that image was made from scratch. That's the difference. There are a lot of layers in that PSD to get the shadows and reflections just right so it would look real. We made a choice not to steal someone's copyrighted work!

For Good or Evil

Photoshop is a tool. It's not inherently good or evil. However, just like any other tool, it can be used for good or evil. Don't be lazy and use Photoshop for evil. Don't steal someone else's hard work, whether it's Apple's or anyone else. Take pride in what you do, and put the hard work into it that it deserves. Sure, you can download a template someone else created for fair use. There's no problem there. It's the artwork abduction that's the problem.

Put a stop to artwork abduction. Let's work hard to create and not steal.


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