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This Week In Space - November 8, 2013

This Week In Space

A demonstration showing the potential of plasma based deflectors.
A demonstration showing the potential of plasma based deflectors.

Scientists Work to make 'Deflectors' a Reality

If a manned mission to Mars is ever going to happen, we'll need to devise a way to shield the spacecraft inhabitants from the harmful (and potentially life-treatening) comic radiation. With traditional methods we'd need physical material meters thick, but with this new plasma based approach, we could create an invisible bubble around the spacecraft.

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India's Liftoff to Mars

With India's new mission that launched to Mars on Tuesday, the Asian space race is increasingly becoming more competitive. The rocket with ISRO satellite left earth 4:08am EST (0908 GMT), for a 300 day trek to the red planet.

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ATV 4 Mission Ends, with a Light Show

This ATV mission was named after Albert Einstein, and was dedicated to proving the theories of relativity developed by Einstein. After the mission ended, the craft was set for re-entry and was planned to burn up in the atmosphere. It was quite a treat for those who got to see it.

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