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This Week In Space - October 9, 2013

This Week in Space

Slingshot to Jupiter

The Juno is headed to Jupiter, but it's getting a boost in speed by our humble blue marble. The satellite passed by earth on Wednesday and used the slingshot effect from our gravity to increase it's speed.

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FOUND: Neptune's Lost Moon

The casual observer of Neptune may not have known that we lost one of it's moons. Well, we did, until now. Scientists have now located the moon (named Naiad) that has been eluding us since Voyager 2 spotted it over 20 years ago. Believe it or not, scientist found the moon by reviewing archival photos of Neptune taken by Hubble back in 2004.

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3D Printed Rocket

UC San Diego used a 3D printer to design, print and test fire a rocket engine. It's not printed from your typical plastics based printer. Very cool.

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New Moon Probe Enters Lunar Orbit

After a month-long journey, LADEE is now officially orbiting of our lunar cousin. This probe will help scientists discover why Apollo astronauts saw a 'glow' on the horizon of the moon just before sunrise.

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