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Why ExpressionEngine?

ExpressionEngine content management system

We're always on the search for a killer product. When we found ExpressionEngine®, our search for a great CMS came to an end. It's the perfect platform for developing great websites.

If you're still on the search for the perfect content management system, we suggest you take a look at ExpressionEngine®. It may not be perfect, but in our opinion, it's about as close as you can get. Over the past few years, it's become our go-to content management system for the websites we build.

No Assumptions

Almost every CMS (content management system) comes with baggage. Usually, that is because there is some assumption about how you are going to use the content within. Some systems assume you only want to run a blog with a few extra pages. Others come with so many integrated features that the performance suffers. 

ExpressionEngine makes no assumptions. You decide what content you want down to the smallest details. Then, with EE's flexible templating system, you can display that data in whatever way 

Highly Configurable

With ExpressionEngine®, you can configure your content input methods in endless ways. EE uses Channels, Channel Fields and Templates as it's core content management settings.

Channels are essentially containers for the content. You can put all of your content into one channel, or create separate channels for different content types. For instance, you could create a blog channel, products channel, about channel, etc. 

Channel Fields are elements of your content. You can create different channel field groups for your content types. So, you could have a set of content fields for your products. If you have content like SKU's, prices, and images, you can create a field group for your products, so you don't have useless fields in other area of your content.

Templates allow you to display your content now that you have your channels, and channel fields setup. For instance if you have a Products SKU field for each product, you can display that content with a tag like {product_SKUs}. You can wrap any HTML, around your tag to control the way the content is displayed.

EE also has a ton of other features to control comments, members, categories, and more. All of these featured only serve to increase the highly-configurable nature of ExpressionEngine®.

Great Community

Every CMS has their own community of followers, but the designers and developers that surround EE are the best and the brightest. There truly is a sense of community with the folks who love and use EE. We want to help and support each other. We brag on each other's accomplishments, and give high-fives when they're due. The creators of EE have put together a top notch user guide, which really answers most questions. For specialized, or in depth EE questions, they've setup a great community forum that users and EE specialists can pitch in and help. The forum contains a wealth of knowledge that is expanding every day.

Not only is the community helpful in word, but also in deed. So many people have contributed add-ons that extend the original functionality, to make the possibilities almost endless. If you're looking for an add-on, head over to Devot:ee and see the endless options (both free and paid).


With so many options on the market it's hard to find that perfect balance of control. While nothing is truly perfect, ExpressionEngine® comes the closest. It allows us to design an amazing interface, and ensure that CMS integration doesn't destroy the harmony we strive for with every site. In our opinion, EE is the most flexible and professional choice when searching for a great CMS.


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